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Rowan Tree Perspectives Consulting

No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care. ~Theodore Roosevelt

Business and Healthcare Consulting

At Rowan Tree Perspectives, we offer business and healthcare consulting services as well as offering insight in empowerment and engagement of your associates, clients and patients.

A rowan tree can grow anywhere, whether it is in  a lush forest, well-tended garden or barren, rocky ground.  It offers shade, safety and food without encroaching on other plants or trees.  What conditions does your organization need to promote passion at every level for growth?   Rowan Tree Perspectives can take what you have today and offer insights and perspectives to grow your business and engagement.  

The rowan tree is a metaphor for what we can offer you, your associates and your clients.  The trunk is what both Debbe and Kerry offer; people focus, engagement, strategy and the big picture.  The branches represent our different areas of expertise and experience. 
Kerry has over 3 decades of manufacturing process, business planning, systems, leadership team alignment, empowering people to grow and advance.  Debbe has more than 30 years of healthcare in a variety of settings from small, rural clinics to large teaching systems in private, public, profit and non-profit settings.  The heart is the center of everything, whether an individual, system or company.  With a strong heart, there is growth, caring and passion.

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