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Debbe McCall

Debbe McCall spent three decades in a variety of healthcare settings, and most of her life decisively working to avoid the genetics and cardiac history of her family. Despite multiple lifestyle changes, she was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation in 2010.

Today, she is an active leader in the heart disease community, long-time volunteer for StopAFib and admin of the 
Atrial Fibrillation Support Forum on Facebook . This is the oldest and largest patient support group for AFib on Facebook with over 11,000 international members. She has spoken about the patient experience to patients, clinicians, and researchers, in addition to being interviewed for patient and clinical publications.

Debbe continues to be a Patient Representative (SGE) to the FDA’s Cardiovascular Drug and Device Advisory Committee, and has served on over 16 AdComms. She is the Chair Emeritus and patient PI of the former Health eHeart Alliance. She is the co-author of multiple peer-reviewed manuscripts, position papers, lead patient on multiple grants funded by PCORI, AHRQ, FDA Sentinel project and others. She is an experienced DSMB member and a peer reviewer for manuscripts.

Ms. McCall attends cardiovascular and arrhythmia medical conferences on a regular basis to keep her knowledge current and to curate/translate key findings to her patient support group.

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